Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Bombay Meri Hai"(1984)

Produced By Arvind Seksaria & Anil Tejani
Cameraman B.P.Singh :
Music Vijay Singh

"Bombay Meri Hai" (Pilot Episode)

"Bombay Meri Hai"(1984)(Pilot Episode)

Starring Benjamin Gilani,Madhuri Dixit,Shobha Khote,Mazhar khan ,Jatin Kanakia,Krishnakant and Apurva Mehta

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Production Stills of Partner(1982)

Mahurrat Day

Crew Of Partner

Multitasking All Rounder UdayShankar Pani
Music Director Vijay Singh with Anil Tejani at the Mahurrat of the film.

Additional Screenplay By Ravindra Peepat ,with Shakti Kapoor and Anil tejani

Choreographer Oscar with actor Prem Mohan,with then Asst.Choreographer Jay.

Cameraman Binod Pradhan & Director Anil Tejani

Choreographer Vijay with Kalpana Iyer

Stills of "PARTNER' (1982)

Kalpana Iyer in a disco number"Dilrooba" from Movie "Partner"(1982)

Pyaar Jo Hua Hai,Yeh Aap ki Dua hai.
Music: Vijay Singh
Lyrics:Dev Kohli

Javed Khan in still from Movie "Partner "(1982)

Dil Main Armaan Hai Dil Main,Haan Dil Main Armaan hai

Tom Alter in Movie "Partner"(1982)

Shakti Kapoor in Movie "Partner"(1982)

Prem Mohan in Movie"Partner"(1982)

Kanwaljit Singh & Deepti Naval in movie "Partner"(1982)

Comic Book & Booklet of Film "Partner" (1982)

Durga Khote Productions

With Producer Tina Khote of Durga Khote Productions.....
At Thal,Alibag with other staff and freelancers of DKP Family.

As Assistant Director-Dimple

As Assisant Director-Shaque

Diploma Film

Ranjeeta Kaur (1974)

Anil Tejani (1974)

Benjamin Gilani,Ketan Mehta & Anil Tejani (1974)