Monday, June 22, 2009

Anil Tejani : Filmography

Filmography as Director
1973- A Dialogue Exercise (FTII Second Year Film)(With Shabana Azmi & Zarina Wahab)
1974- Monologue One (Diploma Film)(With Benjamin Gilani,Anjali Paigaonkar & Ranjita)
1975-Handheld (Post Diploma Film)(With Shakti Kapoor,Rameshwari and Naseeruddin Shah)
1982-Partner (With Kanwaljit Singh,Deepti Naval,Prem Mohan,Tom Alter, SalimGhouse,JavedKhan,&Shakti Kapoor)(Produced By Anil Tejani)
1984-Bombay Meri Hai(TV Serial pilot)(With Benjamin Gilani,Madhuri Dixit,Krishnakant,JatinKanakia,Shobha Khote Apurva Mehta and Mazhar Khan) (Produced By Arvind Seksaria &Anil Tejani)
1986-Shingora (Video Feature)(With Persis Khambata,Marc Zuber,Aditya Pancholi,Neeta Puriand Ardhendu Bose)(Produced By Hiba Films )(Nari Hira)
1987-Shahadat (Video Feature)(With Om Puri,Supriya Pathak,Aditya Pancholi,Rita Bhaduri,&Neeta Puri) (Produced by Hiba Films)
1989-Shaamat (Video Feature)(With Kanwaljit Singh,Araminta Garnham)(Produced By Hiba Films)
1992-Midnight Embers(Short Film)(With Habib Tanvir,Ma Jeevan Mary and SulabhaDeshpande(Produced By Farida Karodia)
Other Credits
1988-Executive Producer-Salaam Bombay(Directed By Mira Nair)
1996-Production Consultant-Bombay Boys(Directed By Kaizad Gustaad)
1996-Retired from Active Filmmaking!
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  1. Respected Tejani ji

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    sl. Song singer Lyricist

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